AUGUST 11, 1901
MARCH 11, 1963

(Verse on the front side.)
To live in hearts we
Leave behind is not to die
(Verse on the right side.)

Ruby deep ruby red
Thy petals abound thee
Queen and most beautiful
So rightly they crowned thee
(Verse on the backside.)
Over the mountain tall
Over the garden wall
Kissing the crown
Of the ruby red rose

(Verse on the left side.)
Ever some reverie
Embowered with memories
And ever a garden
Wherein grows the rose




Lola S. Deckard Poikert
Birth: 11 August 1901
Death: 11 March 1963
Burial: Cold Water Cemetery, Florissant, St. Louis County, Missouri

Family members buried in Cold Water Cemetery:
Husband: Henry G. Poikert

• Henry G. Poiket and Lola S. Deckard were married on 1 September 1920 in Arkansas.
• Lola S. Deckard Poikert was the wife of Henry Poikert.
• Lola S. Deckard Poikert was a member of O’Fallon Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.
• Lola S. Deckard Poikert’s dedication to the preservation of Cold Water Cemetery was instrumental in the Missouri State Society receiving the gift of the cemetery.