The grave is unmarked or no photo is available.


In memory of
Mrs. Jane Patterson
who died
November 2nd 1847
aged 49 years

(Matching stone to that of
John Patterson, Jr.)



Jane Jamison Patterson
Born: 1798, Madison County, Kentucky
Death: 2 November 1847, St. Louis County, Missouri
Burial: Cold Water Cemetery, Florissant, St. Louis County, Missouri

Family members buried in Cold Water Cemetery:
Mother: Sally Hubbard Patterson
Spouse: John Patterson, Jr.
Children: Sarah Patterson, Martha Ann Patterson Northern, and Margaret Rebecca Patterson Douglass
Grand Children: Richard Frederick DouglassMary Douglass ChomeauVirena Blacklock Douglass Chomeau, and John Wheeler Douglass

• John Patterson, Jr., and Sally Hubbard were married 24 August 1815, in Florissant, St. Louis County, Missouri.
• Jane was the daughter of Mrs. Sally (Hubbard) Jamison who became the second wife of John Patterson, Sr., Jane married John Patterson, Jr., and was the mother of six children. She was a co-signer on the deed to Cold Water Cemetery.

• National Society United States Daughters of 1812, Grave Locations Project, Soldiers of War of 1812. A copy of this publication is in the possession of Marilyn P. Devaney. This publication lists the names of children of John Patterson, Jr., birth dates, names of spouses and dates of marriage.
• For the date of death of a spouse, “An Early Virginia Family” by Josephine Short Lynch.
• Birth: “An Early VA Family” by Josephine Short Lynch page 349.
• Death: “An Early VA Family” by Josephine Short Lynch, page 349 states that Jane Jamison died in 1833.